Culturally Diverse Teams

The aim of this course is to assist executives who work in a multicultural team. In today’s global world, it is not rare to find teams made up of 6, 7 or more nationalities, where the manager may be French, her subordinates a mixture of Mexican, Swedish and Australian and the shareholders of the company German. Which management technique should be applied, do all cultures respond equally to the same technique? Not likely. These courses focus on the intricate details of viewing our work and communication techniques from different perspectives to find which one suits the team (or the individuals) best. The main areas covered are:

  • Learn why we struggle to communicate (and do business) with people of other cultures
  • Understand how different cultural values affect the way we work
  • Learn how to change or modify your communication and working techniques to be more effective with other cultures
  • Learn how to build trust relationships across cultures
  • Learn how to use both verbal and non-verbal methods to ensure the message is getting through