Virtual Teams


A virtual team is, “a group of people with a common goal, separated by distance and/or time and connected by technology,” according to Geerd Hofstede in his book, “The Virtual Team”. The aim of this course is to train business people who work in a multicultural and virtual team. This course looks at the difficulty of communicating across technology, using email, telephone conferences, Skype and virtual conferences where members are in different locations. We examine ways of improving the communication between team members, whether it be listening techniques, improving email techniques and examining our own verbal communication compared to the non-verbal. Typical areas covered in this course:

  • The challenges of working virtually
  • How does culture influence the way your team functions
  • How to establish trust between team members working across borders
  • How to maintain focused on a common goal across different boundaries
  • How to choose or change the selected communication method that will work well for your virtual team