Intercultural Awareness

In today’s global world, executives find themselves having to negotiate frequently with nationals across borders.  They find themselves giving presentations and holding meetings across cultures, trying to sell a product or convince the listener of a business plan.  They often find though that the presentation they have given so well back home very often, just wasn’t successful across the border. 

The aim of this course is to assist executives who travel frequently abroad and work regularly with locals of a different culture. Training can be started before the person’s first trip to the other country,  giving them the basics of the other culture, or it can be created at a later stage when the executive finds she or he is not really working as efficiently as they would like to and would like some consultancy to see where the issues may lie.  This course can also be used as a general intercultural awareness course focusing on why we have difficulties working with other cultures and how to improve or change our communication methods to hurdle those difficulties. The main aim of the course is to:

  • Learn how culture influences the way we communicate and work
  • Understand what your personal values
  • Learn how different cultures work and communicate
  • Learn how to modify your communication and work techniques to be more effective across cultures
  • Learn how to reach your objectives across different cultures