Expatriate Preparation

A large amount of money is often spent in sending employees abroad to fulfill a vacancy. Studies show that employees are usually selected for a foreign assignment due to their technical skills alone and not much investigation goes into whether or not they are interculturally competent. The aim of this course is to assist the expatriate in settling into their new culture by explaining what the main differences to expect may be. We examine the employee’s cultural behaviour and values before looking at those of the country where he/she will be on assignment. We explain how to deal with culture shock or learning how to overcome it and therefore being more efficient in his or her daily business life. The course would be most beneficial for the expatriate as a pre-assignment training. The main areas covered in this course are:

  • Learn the values of the relocating employee and how they affect work methods
  • Understand different communication methods and working techniques across cultures
  • Learn the employee’s communication strengths and how to use them across cultures
  • Learn the typical communication and work methods of the assignment country
  • Learn how to modify our communication techniques to be more effective with people (colleagues) of the assignment country
  • Understand how to get through the difficult moments (culture shock)
  • Learn the best methods to communicate with the home office
  • Assistance can also be given to the partner who may be travelling with the employee