Culturelink creates and facilitates training workshops for business people who work in a global environment either in a multicultural team or through international travel. We focus on how to become more effective communicators with nationals of other cultures to help avoid the frustrations of miscommunication that frequently occur when we deal with people who have a different outlook to our own. We will give you the tools to give a presentation to an Italian audience or to negotiate with a Qatari businessman. If you are transferring a German manager to a newly established branch in Brazil, let us give this manager the tools she or he needs to ensure the job gets done efficiently.

Methodology: Culturelink uses experiential learning methods to ensure that the client “learns by doing”. We create activities through role play or simulate difficult intercultural situations that may occur and analyse how to change/improve communication techniques according to the culture to be dealt with.

Our Training Courses: Culturelink can offer bespoke training seminars and workshops that vary from one-on-one sessions or group workshops. Below is a list of the most common training courses offered: