Communication for Global Executives

Cultural Intelligence is the key to success in today's global business world


Culturelink helps business professionals develop Cultural Intelligence (CQ).  Our aim is to assist companies and individuals who work with other cultures, whether in a multicultural team, expatriates on assignment abroad or executives who travel extensively. We show you that understanding your colleagues’ or clients’ cultural values can help you communicate more effectively and therefore be more successful when working with people of diverse cultures.

Global Leadership & Multicultural Teams

High Performing Leaders use Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to develop High Perfoming Teams

Expatriate Preparation

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) makes us more aware of how we behave and communicate and therefore how others might perceive us. We can then adapt our communication and behaviour to be more effective with culturally diverse colleagues.


“As a Procurement organization with global touch points, we knew there was an opportunity to improve our ways of working with colleagues and suppliers. This training enhances the Procurement team’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities when working across countries and cultures, which is already helping transform our relationship and strengthen communication with team members around the world.”

Wade Neumann, Chief Procurement Officer, Nestlé, North American Procurement


“As a result of Tania’s cultural training, I have adapted how I prepare and deliver workshops and communicate with colleagues from different countries. Before the training I guessed how best to behave but now I’m finding much better results in terms of building relations and getting tasks completed. I also feel more confident when working with cultures that I have limited previous experience of.”

Polly Bancroft, Business Development Specialist, UEFA

“La formation, “Cultural Intelligence” permet aux participants de mieux comprendre comment adapter messages, paroles et relations en fonction des sensibilités culturelles. Tania nous fournit des exemples concrets basés sur son immense expérience en business international. Son cours est extrêmement pratique, très bien structuré et rempli d’outils utilisables de suite. Dans la palette de cours qui sont proposé en interne, le “Cultural Intelligence ” devient un incontournable que je ne peux que recommander !”

Barbara Albertoni, Training & Development Officer, UEFA